About Disley Masala

Genuine Indian cooking was introduced to this country around 1960, by famous Indian caterers. This cooking, which for centuries has been appreciated in the subcontinent, has been stimulating the palates of discriminating gourmets, diplomatic corps, visiting Newabs and Maharajas in England, is now available for the diner who appreciates a truly defined taste.

The genuine Indian food served here in Disley Masala is prepared by chefs who are acclaimed as experts in the art of preparing delicate herbs and spices. Indian spice shelves contain as many as 30 seasonings, the Indian genius lies not only squeezing out of the same spice several flavours by roasting, grinding or popping it whole in hot oil (a technique known as baghar) but in combing the seasonings to create a vast spectrum of tastes.It is this total master of seasonings that makes Indian/Bengali/Pakistani cooking unique.

Having prepared the food correctly, it is also important that it be cooked properly, Tandoori style. A tandoori is a clay oven; fired by charcoal, which can achieve many things, bake bread roast lamb and chicken. The genuine Tandoori preparation is marinated in yoghurt and special blends of herbs and spice from provinces of the vast Indian subcontinent. This blending is a centuries old craft, Indispensable to Indian cuisine.

We welcome you eating at Disley Masala is the right place for you. We hop you enjoy your visit and we hope we can make an evening to remmeber.

From the Mangement Team